Compass Points - Edit is a Four-Letter Word

How to create the best first impression

Glynis Scrivens

Fiction - The Art and the Craft

How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

Colin Bulman

Compass Points: Building Your Story

A guide to structure and plot

Kelly Lawrence

Be a Travel Writer, Live your Dreams, Sell your Features

Travel Writing Step by Step

Solange Hando

Desiring Dragons

Creativity, imagination and the Writer's Quest

Kevan Manwaring

Unlock Your Creativity

a 21-day sensory workout for writers

Sue Johnson
Val Andrews

Compass Points - Photography for Writers

Using photos to sell more of your words

Simon Whaley

Five Common Problems with Missing Information in Your Writing Jan 8 2016

If it isn't on the page it doesn't exist! Okay, so you have the entire story in your head. You've lived the scenes, you, as the author, know exactly what's going on and what's going to happen. Yo...

Writing a Comedy Routine Jan 6 2016

Get Your Act Together by Jenny Roche is a guide for anyone interested in branching out into the world of the stand-up comic and takes us into the esoteric world of writing and performing comedy routin...


Commitment and sincerity are not enough An emotive subject is one guaranteed to provoke strong reaction in a large number of the populace. When the non-fiction writer decides to tackle an emotive s...

Poetry Dec 19 2015

Wearing his poet’s hat Aleister Crowley wrote: “A poem is a series of words so arranged that the combination of meaning, rhythm  and rime [sic]  produces the definitely magical effect of exa...

Announcement Dec 9 2015

Please note that as from 31st of December 2015 I will no longer be working for Compass Books, having decided to take the time off to pursue my fiction writing.  I will continue to post on the CB Blo...

The Writer’s DIY Store Dec 9 2015

There’s a lot of DIY motivation going on in a successful writer’s career and unfortunately we often don’t learn about these things until much further down the line.  Writing is all about promot...

Writing Lucrative Non-Fiction Nov 27 2015

Pursuing a career as a freelance writer producing a regular supply of non-fiction articles, features and interviews is often the way the majority of writers earn their living.  The serious writer foc...