Compass Points - Edit is a Four-Letter Word

How to create the best first impression

Glynis Scrivens

Fiction - The Art and the Craft

How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

Colin Bulman

Compass Points: Building Your Story

A guide to structure and plot

Kelly Lawrence

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Val Andrews

There's Still Gold in Them There Hills by Nik Morton Nov 29 2016

Writing as Ross Morton, Nik Morton has five western novels published: Death at Bethesda Falls, Last Chance Saloon, The $300 Man, Blind Justice at Wedlock and Old Guns. He’s the editor of A Fistful o...

Backbone of Your Children’s Novel by Maria Moloney Nov 15 2016

The Plot When reading my own first fantasy novel for children, I doubt anyone would realize just how much time I put into the research and plot before I even began to write. A good six months initi...

How to Tell a Frightful Story - Krystina Kellingley Oct 31 2016

So you want to write a horror novel, and, when it’s finished, having invested considerable time and effort, perhaps sacrificing other things, like any kind of life outside of your ‘garret’, you...

Publishing is Like a Box of Chocolate … which method will you choose today? Autumn Barlow Oct 10 2016

Just a few years ago, there was no decision to be made. If your writing was considered “good enough” you would find (eventually) a publishing contract and if you didn’t, you paid a printer to ru...

Your Character Speaks by Nicholas Corder Sep 29 2016

Dialogue lifts a book When you come across huge dry stretches of barren, speech-free prose, you realise how vital it is that your characters actually say something. How can we expect them to come ...

Brain Workout - The Fifteen Minute Game Sep 13 2016

Set your kitchen timer for fifteen minutes. Pretend this is a race. Write as quickly as you can. Don’t stop to think. Concentrate on filling the space with words rather than on getting it ‘right....

The Accidental Author by Marneta Viegas Sep 13 2016

When I was choosing my options at school, I had no idea I would be an author. Being an author sounded so important and clever yet romantic and a distant dream that so few can claim. I wasn't even part...