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A no-fluff guide to making college affordable

Luke Arnce

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How to create the best first impression

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How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

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Choose your definition by Marie Yates Jul 15 2017

Working with young, and not-so-young people who have experienced the worst that life has to throw at them continues to take me on a fascinating journey. Learning from people who have quite literally t...

Who is Tripping you up? Meeting your inner Figures by Judy Hall Jun 28 2017

Your creativity may well be affected by a figure that lives inside you and of whom you are probably not even aware – except when you hear its nagging voice and feel its fearful vibes. An inner sabot...

Desiring Dragons – Defining Fantasy by Kevan Manwaring Jun 12 2017

‘This is a regrettably true tale such as no correct thinking person ought to regard seriously.’ James Branch Cabell   To define something as nebulous as Fantasy is to perhaps attempt an ...

An Introduction to Poetry by Jay Ramsay May 30 2017

Poetry is an impulse as old as the human spirit: as old as language itself. We find it deep in time; in Isiah, Homer, St John, Corinthians (in the Bible), Dante, Shakespeare, Goethe – in writing and...


I have been an indie author of adult and children's ebooks since November 2011, have published eleven short ebooks/stories, and in that time I have realised that the best way to be found as an author ...

Reviewing the Situation by Suzanne Ruthven Apr 30 2017

Suzanne Ruthven, author, commissioning editor, tutor, publisher, ghostwriter ... but not a literary critic. “Reviewing has one advantage over suicide: in suicide you take it out on yourself; in r...

Online Marketing for Authors by Susie Kearley Apr 18 2017

Every serious writer needs a website to showcase their work. If you don’t already have one, there are many free sites offering you the tools to build your own, and get your own URL, often free of ch...