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How to create the best first impression

Glynis Scrivens

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How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

Colin Bulman

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Val Andrews

Brain Workout - The Fifteen Minute Game Sep 13 2016

Set your kitchen timer for fifteen minutes. Pretend this is a race. Write as quickly as you can. Don’t stop to think. Concentrate on filling the space with words rather than on getting it ‘right....

The Accidental Author by Marneta Viegas Sep 13 2016

When I was choosing my options at school, I had no idea I would be an author. Being an author sounded so important and clever yet romantic and a distant dream that so few can claim. I wasn't even part...

Author Power Has Arrived by Tom Reilly Aug 31 2016

The problem with writing is that most authors want a publisher to invest thousands of Euro/pounds/dollars in THEIR work and nothing else will do. But that’s kinda impossible. Publishers simply don...

Twelve Ways to Boost your Creativity – Rory B. Mackay Aug 8 2016

Creativity ought to be as natural to us as breathing, and when we're in the zone it is: the ideas flow, we see inspiration all around us and solutions present themselves with effortless ease. When we'...

Marketing your book by Susie Kearley Jul 25 2016

When I accepted a book contract with John Hunt Publishing's imprint, Compass Books, I knew I’d need to be involved with the marketing. I think all publishers require that to some extent these days. ...

Charnel House Blues (An extract) by Suzanne Ruthven Jul 2 2016

Prologue It’s a sorry fact, but vampires aren’t what they used to be. I should know because I’m the last remaining member of my species from the ancient world; although if I’m brutally hone...

How To Write A Chiller Thriller - Sally Spedding Jun 13 2016

Chiller is short for spine-chiller, which means a book, film etc. that arouses terror. A thriller means a book, film, play etc. which depicts a crime, mystery or espionage in an atmosphere of excit...