Recently Published Books

Scholarship Game, The

A no-fluff guide to making college affordable

Luke Arnce

Jan 2017

A lean guide to getting in and making attending affordable.

Compass Points - Edit is a Four-Letter Word

How to create the best first impression

Glynis Scrivens

Sep 2015

All you need to know about polishing your fiction for today's competitive market

Fiction - The Art and the Craft

How Fiction is Written and How to Write it

Colin Bulman

Sep 2014

A highly practical exposition of all the major elements of fiction - such as plot, conflict, suspense, the hook, inference, character and dialogue.

Compass Points: Creating Meaningful Dialogue

Suzanne Ruthven

Sep 2014

The essential guide to sharpening dialogue.

Creating Convincing Characters

Nicholas Corder

Aug 2014

This book answers the question, "How do we go about inventing great characters that our readers will care about, root for, love, hate or fear?"

Compass Points: Building Your Story

A guide to structure and plot

Kelly Palmer

Aug 2014

Struggling with structure? Grappling with your plot points? This brief but in-depth guide is a useful aid for both emerging and established writers.

Be a Travel Writer, Live your Dreams, Sell your Features

Travel Writing Step by Step

Solange Hando

Jun 2014

Break into Travel Writing, Make it Pay the Easy Way.

Desiring Dragons

Creativity, imagination and the Writer's Quest

Kevan Manwaring

May 2014

Why is the Fantasy genre more popular than ever? Can it offer us something beyond mere make-believe? Imagination: a gateway...?

How To Write a Chiller Thriller

Sally Spedding

Apr 2014

This book will help you create chiller thrillers with memorable characters and truly chilling plots.

Compass Points - Passionate Plots

A Brief Guide to Writing Erotic Stories and Scenes

Kelly Palmer

Mar 2014

A lively and informative 'how to' on writing erotica by a published author.

Compass Points - Photography for Writers

Using photos to sell more of your words

Simon Whaley

Mar 2014

How writers can sell more words and make more money by taking photographs.

Compass Points - A Practical Guide to Poetry Forms

How to find the perfect form for your poem

Alison Chisholm

Mar 2014

This book shows through a simple, practical approach, how to enrich your poems through fine structuring of form.

Unlock Your Creativity

a 21-day sensory workout for writers

Sue Johnson
Val Andrews

Mar 2014

21 days to creative freedom.

Compass Points: Get Your Act Together - Writing A Stand-up Comedy Routine

Jenny Roche

Feb 2014

Get Your Act Together is a book for anyone who wants to be serious about becoming a stand-up comic and wants to do it well.

Compass Points: The Writers' Group Handbook

Getting the best for and from your writing group

Julie Phillips

Feb 2014

How to make your writing group work for you.

Life Coaching for Writers

An Essential Guide to Realising your Creative Potential

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Feb 2014

A one-stop guide to using life-coaching techniques to unleash your writing potential.

Freelance writing on health, food and gardens

Susie Kearley

Feb 2014

How one aspiring writer succeeded in this highly competitive market - and how you can too!

Compass Points - Horror Upon Horror

A Step by Step Guide to Writing a Horror Novel

Suzanne Ruthven

Nov 2013

Horror writer and former Gothic Society member, Suzanne Ruthven brings us a step-by-step guide to writing horror fiction.


A writer’s guide to creating compelling fictional characters with the signs of zodiac

Judy Hall

Nov 2013

Offering a unique – and very easy – method of creating effective, intriguing, and authentic multi-layered personalities that leap off the page.

Compass Points: Handy Hints for Writers

Lynne Hackles

Aug 2013

A book of tips, advice and encouragement for writers at all levels.

Compass Points: The Pagan Writers' Guide

Writing for the Pagan and MB&S Publications

Suzanne Ruthven

Jul 2013

Want to be a pagan author and write for the pagan community? This is how to get published.

Lifestyle Writer, The

How to Write for the Home and Family Market

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Jul 2013

All need to know about lifestyle writing and how to use your own experiences to start your writing career.

How To Write for the How-To Market

Suzanne Ruthven

Jun 2013

Detailed instruction and analysis covering writing for the widest marketplace in creative writing.

Write a Western in 30 Days

with plenty of bullet-points!

Nik Morton

Jun 2013

Breaking down how to write a western, including research and target publishers. Shoot that MS off in a month!

Country Writer's Craft, The

Writing For Country, Regional & Rural Publications

Suzanne Ruthven

May 2013

A "How To" covering one of the largest marketplaces for writers across the English-speaking world.

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  • Solange HandoSolange HandoSolange Hando is an award-winning travel writer and photographer, editor, contributing author, speak...
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  • Susan PalmquistSusan PalmquistSusan Palmquist is a freelance writer and author of novels, novellas and short stories. Her work has...
  • Alison ChisholmAlison ChisholmAlison Chisholm has been writing poetry for over 40 years, and has had ten collections published, (n...
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  • Judy HallJudy HallAn internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a ka...
  • Tim WardTim WardTim Ward is an author, publisher, teacher, and traveler. He has written five books about his travels...
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  • Sally SpeddingSally SpeddingSally was born by the sea near Porthcawl to a Dutch father and Welsh mother. She trained in sculptur...
  • Jay RamsayJay RamsayJay Ramsay is an acclaimed poet, teacher, workshop leader, performer and UKCP accredited psychosynth...
  • Colin  BulmanColin BulmanColin Bulman works part-time for the Writers Bureau and Writer's Home Study Correspondence schools (...
  • Jenny RocheJenny RocheJenny Roche has over 15 years' experience of tutoring courses in comedy writing, scriptwriting and j...