Compass Points: Handy Hints for Writers

Lynne Hackles

Aug 2013

A book of tips, advice and encouragement for writers at all levels.

Telling Life's Tales

A Guide to Writing Life Stories for Print and Publication

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Mar 2013

All you need to know about writing life stories from planning to publication.

Write a Western in 30 Days

with plenty of bullet-points!

Nik Morton

Jun 2013

Breaking down how to write a western, including research and target publishers. Shoot that MS off in a month!

Unlock Your Creativity

a 21-day sensory workout for writers

Sue Johnson
Val Andrews

Mar 2014

21 days to creative freedom.

How To Write for the How-To Market

Suzanne Ruthven

Jun 2013

Detailed instruction and analysis covering writing for the widest marketplace in creative writing.

Writer's Internet, The

A Creative Guide to the World Wide Web

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Mar 2013

The Writer's Internet is the essential guide to the World Wide Web for writers and authors.

Compass Points - A Practical Guide to Poetry Forms

How to find the perfect form for your poem

Alison Chisholm

Mar 2014

This book shows through a simple, practical approach, how to enrich your poems through fine structuring of form.

Compass Points: The Writers' Group Handbook

Getting the best for and from your writing group

Julie Phillips

Feb 2014

How to make your writing group work for you.

How To Write a Chiller Thriller

Sally Spedding

Apr 2014

This book will help you create chiller thrillers with memorable characters and truly chilling plots.

Compass Points - Horror Upon Horror

A Step by Step Guide to Writing a Horror Novel

Suzanne Ruthven

Nov 2013

Horror writer and former Gothic Society member, Suzanne Ruthven brings us a step-by-step guide to writing horror fiction.

Compass Points - Passionate Plots

A Brief Guide to Writing Erotic Stories and Scenes

Kelly Palmer

Mar 2014

A lively and informative 'how to' on writing erotica by a published author.