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Brain Workout – The Fifteen Minute Game Feb 27 2017

Sit in a café or shopping centre and focus on a pair of shoes. They may be in a shop window or on somebody’s feet. For five minutes write about those shoes. Don’t censor what you write or cross a...

The Big World of Travel Features by Solange Hando Feb 27 2017

Guess how many English magazines are published around the world? Millions every year, with an average of 2600 copies sold every minute in the UK, according to industry data, spread across a huge range...

At the Edges of Historical Fiction by Autumn Barlow Feb 15 2017

It’s easy to define “historical fiction” – it has a setting in the past. That might be eighty years ago, or eight hundred, or more. Within that, there are subdivisions. Stirring military fi...

The Lifestyle Writer – How to write for the Home and Family Market by Sarah Beth Watkins Jan 30 2017

Look around you. What does your life contain? Home, family, children, grandchildren, eating out, good health, holidays abroad? Or maybe it’s not so sunny and your life includes relationship issues, ...

Creating Characters by Jane Bailey Bain Jan 18 2017

Archetypal features make your characters more convincing So you’ve got an idea for a story. The plot is watertight, the dialogue flows well. Now you just need to work on the characters. Are they ...

Writing for Country, Regional & Rural Publications by Suzanne Ruthven Dec 30 2016

Most people enjoy reading about countryside, regional or rural affairs, and whereas women are acknowledged to be the readers of the majority of mainstream weekly and monthly publications, country maga...

Food For Thought by Simon Whaley Dec 16 2016

If we are what we eat, could our choice of food make us more positively productive writers? Simon Whaley digests the evidence. Need to add 3000 words to your novel today? Think sausage, bacon and ...