So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?

So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?

Writing for magazines, newspapers and beyond.

The easy way to earn a living from writing for magazines and newspapers.


So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer - Writing for Magazines, Newspapers and Beyond does exactly what it says in the title - it shows the reader how to write for the newspaper and magazine industry and how to make it in the world of freelance writing. Deborah Durbin is a qualified journalist and has over 15 years experience working in print media for national magazines and newspapers as a freelance journalist and features writer. She has written for most of the women's national magazines and several national newspapers. She has also been a columnist for two national magazines and has written for specialist titles such as Writing Magazine and Writers' Forum and has 11 books published.


Though a slim volume in size, Deborah Durbin manages to pack in a great deal of information. A combination of practical advice about the potential markets available to freelance writers and a section on motivation and self-belief, I’ll be dipping in and out of this invaluable reference book regularly, for both inspiration and encouragement. Covering a large spectrum of routes into writing, Durbin points out that small, regular contribution to magazines, such as letter writing, can bring in a steady stream of money, as well as providing the much-need profile in such a competitive market. The eBook market is also discussed, with particular emphasis on non-fiction books, and the wide range of topics that could be of interest to readers. There are hundreds of things that you know that other people will want to know. Similarly, practical advice is given about basic preparation when sending out work, such as the correct way to send out a manuscript or writing a letter to a publication or a publisher. The final chapters offer guidance of a different kind. Drawing from her experience of writing about mind, body and spirit, Durbin provides some great supportive words of motivation and self-belief. Following the ascertain that “Writing IS a proper job”, I found this chapter particularly inspiring. ~ Sharon Kendrick, Barry, The New Writer’ (Issue 116 October/November/December 2013)

Dear Deborah, I have been harbouring dreams of being a writer for a very long time and have recently been trying to work out how to get into the industry. I have studied courses with the Open University, subscribed to both Writing Magazine and Writers’ Forum, and am currently writing and editing a Magazine for an NHS charity. Even though I have been given a handful of amazing opportunities (including getting an article published in Writers News in 2009) I have not had a clue how to progress or follow it up, and sadly procrastination and the dreaded internal critic had taken over. When my recent issue of Writing Magazine dropped through my door I saw the advert for your book “So You Want To Be A Freelance Writer?”, and I thought I would give it a read through (I have a mountain of guide books that I have read, all very inspiring but also very good at gathering dust). I am so glad I read your book, unlike other books that have initially made me feel inspired to write, your book not only did this but it also left me confident of where I have gone wrong in the past and how I can set goals, targets and plans to work up to where I want to be. After reading it through once, I then sat down and worked through parts again writing up an initial plan to get me started, no other book has given me the confidence to do this. I know one piece of advice you gave was to start with letters, and I thought it only fair that the first letter I write be a thank you to you for such a useful and inspiring guide for writers hoping to get into the industry. So, thank you very much, I hope you will start to see my name appearing in magazines and maybe even books in the future, and if you do, please know that it is off the back of your advice and your wonderful book. Kindest regards, ~ Zoe Binnie, Personal Email

This is a straightforward, practical, no nonsense, nuts and bolts book- exactly what I was looking for. There’s always something to learn even when you’ve been writing for some time and you’ll find it here. Deborah reveals the advantages and possible pitfalls of going freelance. It covers everything you need to make the jump. There isn’t room to cover some of the subjects in depth – that information is available elsewhere but this book will definitely get you on the right track. Full of bite size information that will get you motivated. This book won’t teach you how to write but it will show you how to be professional in your approach and work ethic. ~ Tracy Baines, Regional Organiser of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists

Deborah is an outstanding journalist with indepth knowledge of the market. Her writing is fluent, entertaining, accessible and informative – and is always of such a high standard, it requires little, if any editing. She gets what our readers want and delivers every time.   ~ Mary Bryce, Editor - Chat It's Fate

A knowledgeable writer on spiritual subjects, her easy-to-read style makes the topic very accessible ~ Sue Ricketts, Editor - Take a Break's Fate & Fortune

Deborah has worked as a freelance writer for Natural Health for three years and provides in-depth and well researched features that appeal to our readers. She is an asset to the team.   ~ Emma Van Hinsbergh, Editor - Natural Health Magazine

Deborah consistently comes up with ideas that our readers will love – and follows up with great features that are entertaining, informative and tailored to our market. ~ Karan Byrom, Editor - My Weekly

I am impressed by Deborahs diligence to her profession and the care taken to ensure all articles submitted are engaging, relevant to our readership and, most importantly, well written. She has an understanding for delivering appropriate copy that requires no editing and pitching features that will make a difference to our readers’ lives. ~ Aine Toner, Editor Woman's Way

Deborah Durbin
Deborah Durbin Deborah Durbin is the author of 11 non-fiction books and one novel. She has 15 years' experience working in print media for national magazin...
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