Unlock Your Creativity

Unlock Your Creativity

a 21-day sensory workout for writers

21 days to creative freedom.


"Unlock Your Creativity: a 21-day sensory workout for writers" is the first book in the series co-authored by Sue Johnson and Val Andrews. Unlock Your Creativity begins with exercises to help the reader identify their creative aspirations. It then takes them on a 21-day journey through the senses, showing a variety of ways to fuel their creative writing.
Sue and Val support this sensory workout with a selection of practical planning tools, hints and tips to keep the creative writer focused on achieving their goals and to help sustain their momentum and workflow when life gets in the way.
This book also incorporates exercises and information from Sue and Val's successful Unlock Your Creativity Workshops. It is a must read for anyone who has always wanted to write but doesn't know where to start.


Carys Llewellyn : writer and book reviewer I like Sue Johnson's writing and she has plenty of background to draw on being a home study tutor with Writer's News. Now she’s joined forces with Val Andrews, her co-founder of the Unlock Your Creativity Workshops, so the style is one of sheer encouragement turning this book into a structured 21-day course in itself and ‘crammed with writing exercises’. The spiritual approach to writing is gaining in popularity and as one reader puts it: “I loved this. It is sheer indulgence in the best possible way. Absolutely crammed with inspirational ideas and lots of great exercises which I really enjoyed, as well as finding them very useful. I like the style, reader friendly, clear, well structured and empowering. I also found many of the exercises new to me which allowed me that ‘eureka’ moment several times. Definitely a book I would read again and again and expect to gain something extra each time.” The real aim of the book is to help keep the writer focussed on sustaining ‘their momentum and work flow when life gets in the way’. Suitable for writers of all levels from beginner to the more experienced who feel they might need a ‘refresher’ workout. Highly recommended. ~ Carys Llewellyn, Amazon and Goodreads

Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson Sue Johnson is a published poet, short story writer and novelist. Her poems have been published in a variety of small press magazines, both...

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