Positively Productive Writer, The

Positively Productive Writer, The

How to reject rejection and enjoy positive steps to publication.


'My piece was rejected. I should give up writing, yes?' NO!

As a creative writing tutor, workshop facilitator and regular speaker at writers circles, Simon Whaley frequently comes across this statement from prospective writers. But drawing upon his own writing experience of over twenty years, the last seven as a full-time freelance writer, Simon knows how rejection can be misinterpreted.

Writers will always be rejected, both beginners and professionals, so it is imperative that writers understand what rejection really means and equip themselves with the necessary skills to cope with this emotion and identify any opportunities that may arise. When one of his book proposals was rejected by a publisher, the rejection actually led to two book commissions from the same publisher!

Having a positive frame of mind is key to remaining a productive writer. The more positive a writer is, the more productive they are, and the more productive they are, the more opportunity for writing success there is.

At his positively productive workshops, he asks: 'What is a productive writer?' to which his attendees shout back, 'A POSITIVE WRITER!'


The Positively Productive Writer is without doubt, the best motivational book on writing I've ever read. If you're struggling to write, hold down a full-time job, and juggle family life too, Simon Whaley shows you how to get organised so that your writing time is planned in advance, in manageable time slots that fit in with your commitments, going to great length to show how you how to do it, so that you'll know exactly what you'll be working on at any given time. Having read the book twice, I'm fully charged and raring to go, at last my head is in the right place thanks to Simon's positivity and I now realise I can do this! This book really is a 'must have' for writers everywhere. ~ Maria Smith, Amazon.co.uk

This is the book I wish I had had years ago when I first started to write. Having got bogged down in my latest assignment for a correspondence writing course, I read the first two chapters of this book and was motivated to finish the work in two days, receiving one of my best marks for it. Simon Whaley writes with enthusiasm, experience and common sense. I spent half the book wondering 'Why didn't I think of that?' Get this book if you want to believe you can achieve your writing ambitions - it's great! ~ rjw27, Amazon.co.uk

I like this book. It reminded me of things I already knew and things I did not. Better for an absolute beginner. A handy book to have around.. ~ Inksplash, Amazon.co.uk

Full of practical, easy to follow advice, this is one of those books that I will 're-dip into time and time again. I like Simon's style of writing, I feel as though I know him after reading this book! ~ Scarybird, Amazon.co.uk

Simon Whaley draws upon his many years of experience and expertise as a creative writing tutor, workshop facilitator, and featured speaker at writer's circles to create "The Positively Productive Writer: How To Reject Rejection and Enjoy Positive Steps To Publication", a 198 page instructional compendium for helping aspiring writers and novice authors whose work has been rejected for publication any number of times and are therefore struggling to continue their literary efforts. More than just a 'think positive' exhortation, "The Positively Productive Writer" is deftly organized and eminently practical. Comprised of four major sections (Setting Achievable Writing Goals; Learn To Look On The Bright Side of Life; Putting It Into Practice; and A Positive Writer's Year - Strategies To Succeed), Whaley addresses a wide spectrum of writing tools and tips ranging from having a 'writing buddy', to booster cards, to creating lists, to workshops and seminars. Every writer will experience rejection. That's why every writer should have their own personal copy of "The Positively Productive Writer"! ~ Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

For those of us struggling in full-time jobs, desperate to leave the world of the working wounded to pursue our dreams of becoming writers, this book is a breath of fresh air. I read a few pages this morning before beginning another soul-destroying day in local government, and I already feel positive about achieving my dream of writing full-time. Simon's enthusiasm and positivity shines through and banishes those doubts we all have - not to mention the little negative 'voice' that creeps in every now and then. The message is: if you want to be a writer, you can be, but only you can make it happen. With this book to help you, you're one step nearer that dream. Go for it - today! ~ M P Johnson, Amazon.co.uk

This is a wonderful guide for every writer who wants to be more productive - and who doesn't? It contains practical advice and gives step-by-step suggestions with illuminating examples which you can easily put into practice and use to achieve your writing (and other) goals. Simon Whaley's writing style is humorous, so the book is a real pleasure to read. However, this does not detract from his serious message: fundamentally, it is up to you to adopt a positive mindset and keep on going even when things get tough. Keeping this in mind and following his suggestions on how to do this will empower you and help you to be in charge of your writing (and other areas of) life. Whaley's enthusiasm for sharing his strategies for remaining positive and productive is so infectious that you can't help but feel motivated. This book is certainly one that I will want to revisit again and again. ~ A Reader, Amazon.co.uk

As its title suggest the tone of this book on writing is decidedly upbeat and moves along at a spanking pace. Constantly torn between the conflicting desires to get on with some writing myself yet also to finish the book I steeled myself to do the latter on first reading. As a writer and tutor for writing courses Simon Whaley uses personal experiences and those of his students to illustrate his advice. Although aimed at writers much of the work would serve in good stead for anyone looking for motivation and a new way of looking at life. After putting into practise some suggestions from the book I am more than happy to recommend this book and know that I will continue to dip into it for inspiration. ~ Amazon Customer, Amazon.co.uk

I write for a living. Some days, it gets to eight o'clock at night and I feel I haven't done enough, leaving me feeling stressed and dissatisfied. Now I've read Simon's book, that's all changed. Following the advice in his book, I keep a tally of all the words I write, whether for fillers, or articles, my novel or non fiction. At the end of each week, I can actually see how much I've managed to write, on average, per day. Those feelings of dissatisfaction have gone away. And it's not just tips like that. Simon's book is crammed full of wonderful, positive stuff, ways to think differently and not just about writing. It's about how we can feel good about what we manage to achieve rather than feel unhappy because we haven't fulfilled our dreams. Simon explains how, by setting realistic goals, writers of any level can feel that thheya re making progress towards their eventual goal, whatever that might be. If it was up to me, everybdy would read theis book not just writers. It has so much to offer to anyone who needs a bit of a boos and wants to get more out of life. GREAT BOOK. ~ Catherine Howard, Amazon.co.uk

If you are in a bit of a rut with your writing and, let's face it, most of us are at some point, then this book will give you the big kick up the backside that you need! It is jam packed of great ideas to get you through the world of rejection, procrastination and low self confidence, giving you practical solutions to issues you may face as a writer. ~ Julie Phillips, Amazon.co.uk

Do you feel that your writing career is stuck in second gear? Fed up with all those rejection letters? Struggling to find enough time to write? Or do you think that you're never going to make it, and that you should give up? In this book, Simon Whaley helps you overcome all these problems and more. Simon is a full-time, award winning, professional freelance writer and, drawing on his years of experience in a way that is both engaging and inspiring, he offers practical advice that will have you raring to get to your keyboard. The book gives clear, easy to read, instructions on goal setting, remaining focused, how to create your own writing space, how to find time to write, how to increase your productivity and how to deal with rejections. Most importantly, however, Simon's book is all about staying positive and banishing those negative emotions - an essential skill for any writer. Positive writers write, negative writers don't, and it's the writers who write that get published. Simon tells us how to turn those negative moments in our lives into positive ones, and mentions `brain-training' techniques that make the task easier. This is an essential book for anyone who takes their writing seriously, aspiring or published, and it is one that will remain on my bookshelf for many years to come. Probably the best book about writing that I've ever read. ~ John Rooney, Amazon.co.uk

This book contains the best advice to writers I've ever read. Writing is a job that requires determination and positivity in industrial quantities and this book most certainly provides excellent guidelines and ideas that provoke both. And more. Simon deals with the "psychological battle of remaining positive' (p. 49) and he uses well known psychological techniques in an innovative and clear way to help you win that battle every time. He talks about goal setting, the value of rewards and structuring time. How to deal with the problems that life, and being human, throw in the way of writing (families, friends, chores, work, the T.V., the internet, lethargy, thinking you can't do it, thinking you're no good ...). He is especially good on how to deal with rejection, which all writers experience, and 'writers block'. There's no such thing: have a look at pages 87 to 92. Importantly, he writes about how to find ideas about what to write. And how to refresh your writing in new ways. Stuck? Read the book. As a clinical psychologist I found the psychological techniques very well portrayed. Most distilled accounts of behavioural and cognitive techniques bore me rigid. Simon's use of them didn't. As a writer I found that the book prompted feelings of enthusiasm for my work and after reading the book I already have a new outlook on my work. So, dealing with feelings plus sensible methods to organise and stimulate your writing and, essentially, remaining positive, is a winning formula. Writers: off you go then! ~ Blakeway, Amazon.co.uk

I bought this book, thought `I'll just read one chapter' before bed,' then couldn't put it down and ended up reading most of it at one sitting. `The Positively Productive Writer' homed in on all those nasty little negatives that stop me from writing and dealt with them: everything from finding extra writing time to dealing with rejection gremlins. It even told me how to identify my most creative and productive moments. An engaging and very encouraging read. ~ Sheepfarmer, Amazon.co.uk

For the last two years I have been wanting to give up my job and become a freelance writer. I have always blamed lack of time for not fulfilling my ambitions. However reading Simons book I realise that I don't need big chunks of time. I CAN do a bit here and a bit there and get as much done.I work full time at the moment and am hoping to drop a day in the New year and my goal is to be able to give up my job completely and write full time by this time next year. So far I have ony had letters published in magazines not proper articles but Simon has filled me with a new confidence. I can do it and I will.It is a brilliant book. I have also discovered his website and it is full of really helpful information.If you are an aspiring writer who needs inspiration get hold of this book as soon as possible. ~ Jane Keightley, Amazon.co.uk

Genuinely helpful in encouraging new writers to manage their time well, and to believe in themselves.

~ Kate Long, Author of the bestselling 'The Bad Mother's Handbook', 'Swallowing Grandma' and 'Mothers and Daughters'

Simon Whaley's advice for writers is sensible, practical and inspiring. The Positively Productive Writer delivers a well-judged kick up the butt for writers everywhere.

~ Jane Wenham-Jones, Writing Magazine columnist, novelist and author of 'Wannabe A Writer?' and 'Wannabe A Writer We've Heard Of?'

A brilliantly positive book by a brilliantly positive writer.

~ Della Galton, Novelist and prolific short story writer.

Writing is, in many ways, like any other job. You need talent and tenacity to succeed - but from time to time, you also need a little encouragement to stay positive. The Positively Productive Writer offers practical advice to help you harness your confidence and keep your writing goals in sight.

~ Isabel Ashdown, Award-winning author of 'Glasshopper' and 'Hurry Up and Wait'

Simon Whaley's latest book, THE POSITIVELY PRODUCTIVE WRITER, will delight any rejection-weary scribe. It encapsulates all there is to say about how you can improve your writing skills in a very positive manner. We've long been asserting that positive thought works. Simon explains exactly how to use it to achieve your writing dreams.  Buy this book. We wish we'd written it!

~ Cass and Janie Jackson, www.flair4words.co.uk

After reading Simon's book I thought I might feel a bit more positive as an author. What I actually felt was an overwhelming motivation to sit at my laptop and write, write, write! He's totally changed my thoughts on rejection and I love the section on daily brainwashing.  I don't think I'll ever get in my own way again!

~ Heather Bestel, www.alittlebitofmetime.com

Feeling rejected? Simon's book will change your mood in a minute! A marvellous book, positive, practical and inspiring.  Every freelance writer should keep a copy on their desk. If you're ready to give up, just reach for this book, it re-ignites your writing energy, effortlessly. It worked for me, and will work for you.

~ Diana Cambridge, Writers' New magazine's Agony Aunt

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