Poet in You, The

Poet in You, The


A poem is like a butterfly. A moment seeds itself inside us. A memory. An experience when we saw, we felt, perhaps even, we knew. There is a poet in all of us. However unknown or neglected that part of us may be, it is there, often just waiting for the right conditions to present themselves. The Poet In You, a unique exploration into poetry and personal development, is based on the authors unique two part correspondence course called Chrysalis: the poet in you, which has been running since 1990. Specially designed for people who may be longing to write, as well as those who already are, Ramsay’s particular gift is to teach poetry primarily from inspiration and imagination rather than intellectual technique. Valuing our experience, and our heart’s experience, as central, he asserts that in the magical realm of our gifts and qualities there is indeed a poet inside all of us. The result is a carefully structured, memorable, and psychologically informed 9 month journey that you can now make yourself with this book. Jay Ramsay is an acclaimed poet, teacher, workshop leader, performer and psychosynthesis therapist. He is also a popular poetry editor with his own page in several New Age spirituality magazines. www.jayramsay.co.uk


Jay Ramsay is more than a poet, more than a teacher of creative writing. He is a healer of souls. In this book he is not concerned with form, with rhyme or rhythm, but with you, with us with our essential selves, with guiding us to the heart of things. So to all those who write, or would like to write, I recommend this book. It can lead you gently into your own creativity, if you take the time, and give yourself the space. After that, all you need is the commitment to yourself. ~ Ruth Marshall, Network Ireland

This is a beautiful little book leading one on a journey of discovery. ...If read with a completely open mind this book will lead you into a greater awareness of all that lies around you and help you to explore it deeply within and then to perhaps bring it to the surface in poetry of your own making.

~ New Vision

Revolutionary. Instead of being just another book that leads off with free-writing strategies and moves on to techniques for producing poems, it so profoundly addresses one's poetic identity and voice right from the start.

~ Charlotte Hussey

A magical journey. Coming to know and work with my inner poet and inner voice as been power-making. Invaluable.

~ Marjorie McCallum

I think you have much to give, especially in your power of delighting and inspiring people with a love of poetry, of awakening and warming people's hearts. ~ Kathleen Raine, awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry (d. 2003)

Full of fine things (private letter. ~ Ted Hughes, British Poet Laureate 1984-1998

Poetry here is performing its true duty through Jay Ramsay, restoring us to innocence and celebrating its rites. ~ Lindsay Clarke, novelist, winner of the Whitbread Prize for Fiction (1991)

Over the past months your course notes have led me along a path which has proved to be a most enlightening experience: an increased awareness, a real opening up. ~ Ken Nelson, Student, England

Jay Ramsay has convinced me that poetry is important. ~ Max Harris, Sixth Form English Literature student

The UK's leading transformation poet. ~ Caduceus magazine (2007)

I love your course, it has so much heart in it. ~ Keith MacNider, Student, Australia

The Poet In You has been a deepening‹as all births are‹a deepening into life. I am very grateful to you. ~ Leo Campos, Student, Arizona USA

What a powerful catalyst for healing your course is. I feel blessed to have found it. ~ Julia Curumtally, Student, England

So much good work. ~ Robert Bly

Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay Jay Ramsay is an acclaimed poet, teacher, workshop leader, performer and UKCP accredited psychosynthesis therapist currently working in priv...
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