How To Write for the How-To Market

How To Write for the How-To Market

Detailed instruction and analysis covering writing for the widest marketplace in creative writing.


All sorts of different people want to learn how to do different things – getting a personal make-over, surviving health scares, business or career advice, self-help and improvement, travelling, living and working abroad, acquiring social skills, developing a hobby, creative writing…the list is endless. And if anyone has ever asked for your advice, then you have a skill to write about. How-to writing can run from an article on how-to organise a successful car boot sale to a full-length, self-help book on exploring spirituality or coping with divorce.
Your original idea will only be the tip of the iceberg. But by the time you’ve completed the task you set yourself you will undoubtedly have become an expert on the subject, and this could lead to other things. WRITING FROM LIFE, Lynne Hackles


If you’ve ever thought about writing for the How to Market this book is for you. Suzanne shows you not only how to generate ideas but how to marshal your thoughts, order your ideas and get them out in a proposal. There are plenty of examples to learn from and numerous exercises to try. We are all experts at something and Suzanne shows you how to take that expertise and turn it into articles that editors will want to buy. She gives a detailed example of a synopsis and full chapter breakdown that you can easily adapt to help you with your own book proposal. Added to that are plenty of exercises throughout the book that will get you to use your experience to generate ideas and develop them into articles that sell. As I was reading ideas kept popping into my head all the time thanks to Suzanne's suggestions – and I did remember to write them down! ~ Tracy Baines, Regional Organiser of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists (Dorset/Hants/Wilts)

I came across a handy little book called How to Write for the How-To Market by Suzanne Ruthven, and it has oodles of info on topics to write about, from how to serve afternoon tea as a fund raiser, to how to make savings on digital TV and broadband, how to choose the right care home for ageing parents (or yourself) to how to get a riding job in a racing stable. You can see from that small selection that there's a market for a How-To book on every subject under the sun! This book is perfect if you want to start your writing career by submitting articles on topics that are familiar to you, because it sets out dozens of possible approaches you could use to give a fresh perspective (there's that word again) on popular topics. ~ Jennifer Stewart,

Carys Llewellyn ; writer and book reviewer At the end of the book Suzanne Ruthven writes that “you should already have a personal portfolio of over 30 How-To pieces at various stages of construction and publication: articles, fillers, blog and website contributions, on-line How-To letters, and even the outline for a book proposal.” Ambitious stuff, you might think, but with the exercises at the end of each chapter, the author makes it look so easy – after all how difficult can it be to write a letter to an editor? The author also maintains that this type of writing exercise is the perfect antidote for so-called ‘writer’s block’ because it gives the brain something else to think about. Not just a book for beginners, ‘How To Write for the How-To Market’ is more than just an introduction to starting a writing career, it offers a lot more for the more established writer to is tempted to explore other market outlets. Highly recommended. ~ Carys Llewellyn, Goodreads and Amazon

Suzanne Ruthven
Suzanne Ruthven Mélusine Draco’s highly individualistic teaching methods and writing draw on historical sources supported by academic texts and current a...
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