Compass Points: Handy Hints for Writers

Compass Points: Handy Hints for Writers

A book of tips, advice and encouragement for writers at all levels.


Handy Hints for Writers is a book of tips, advice and encouragement for writers at all levels. Dip into it or read from start to finish and you will find something to inspire you, make you think, give you a kick start or make you smile.


A writing book with a difference. This one has a sense of humour. Well, strictly, it’s the authors’ sense of humour but it shines through the wisdom of her words in this book. I laughed out loud at some of the advice Lynne advocates here and vowed to implement much of it. Positive and affirmative, Handy Hints for Writers is crammed with tips that will sustain you on your writing journey. A book to keep handy for those days when nothing seems to go the way you want it to and you doubt yourself as a writer. Easy to read and to dip in and out of, a little gem of wisdom sits on every page to light your way when the words won’t come. There aren’t many books that can make you laugh and inspire you at the same time but this is one of them. ~ Tracy Baines, Regional Organiser of The Society of Women Writers and Journalists (Dorset/Hants/Wilts)

Suzanne Ruthven : Author and editor of Writer’s Wheel magazine Reading ‘Handy Hints For Writers’ is like attending one of Lynne Hackles workshops – you go to learn but you are also entertained by her self-deprecating sense of humour and the family anecdotes she uses to illustrate just where her writing ideas come from. In fact it would fit into the ‘Little Book of ...’ series because of the pearls of wisdom she drops casually into the text. As in life, the author raises a chuckle and gets you thinking ‘Yeah, I’ve done that’ - the next thing you’re recalling your own experiences and forming them into a poem, article or story. A great little ‘ideas’ book for those days when the ideas just won’t come. Highly recommended. . ~ Suzanne Ruthven, Goodreads and Amazon

Lynne Hackles' Handy Hints is a collection of tips and advice she has gathered over her years of selling words. Written in bite-sized pieces, all are useful, some are funny, and all are positive. Another excellent book from one of our most talented and amusing writing tutors. ~ Suzanne Ruthven, Editor - The New Writer

Only Lynne Hackles could write a book of Handy Hints for Writers. She's been giving advice to writers for many years (despite being only 21!) and has collected thousands of tips from the numerous authors and writers she's interviewed for her regular column in Writing magazine. I particularly love the hint about creating a Great Aunt that you can offer as an excuse when a non-writer asks you to do something you don't want to do. This is one of those books you read from cover to cover and then dip back into, from time to time. Very handy indeed! ~ Simon Whaley, author of The Positively Productive Writer

Witty and wonderful, insightful and inspiring. If you write, want to write or know anybody who thinks there's a book lurking inside 'em , buy this guide... Every writer needs a friend like Lynne Hackles. This book is the next best thing. I love Lynne's humour and her quirky way of looking at life's truths. Essential reading for all scribes. ~ Jane Wenham-Jones, Wannabe a Writer and Wannabe A Writer We've Heard Of

If you only buy one How To Write book, make it this one. Lynne Hackles has a wealth of experience, and tells you everything you need to know with wit, wisdom, insight and humour. Nor has she forgotten how scary it is to be starting out on the long, winding, rocky road to publication. Lynne is a guide you can trust. She will tell you what, and show you how. The rest is up to you. ~ Jane Jackson, A Place of Birds; The Iron Road; Dangerous Waters; Tide of Fortune; Eye of the Wind; The Chain Garden.

Lynne Hackles
Lynne Hackles Lynne Hackles began writing in 1980, selling the first dozen stories she wrote, together with a novel for pre-teens. Then came her first rej...
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