Country Writer's Craft, The

Country Writer's Craft, The

Writing For Country, Regional & Rural Publications

A "How To" covering one of the largest marketplaces for writers across the English-speaking world.


Country Writer’s Craft: Writing for country, regional and rural publications, covers one of the widest marketplaces for writers in the English-speaking world – especially in the UK, Australia and the USA. Here we have examples of previously published materials, together with writers’ exercises to help build up an impressive portfolio from Suzanne Ruthven, who has written on country topics for over 30 years, as well as being author of A Treasury of the Countryside, Hearth & Garden, Life-Writes and Signposts For Country Living.


Carys Llewellyn: writer and book reviewer The Country Writer’s Craft isn’t just about aiming at the esoteric end of the farming market, it covers writing for all the different types of country, county, regional and rural publications from the monthly glossies to the parish magazine. It may also be surprising to learn that this is one of the widest market places in the English-speaking world – especially in the UK, Australia and the USA – and you don’t necessarily have to be a country person to write publishable articles for it. The book is divided into twelve monthly chapters simply because country writing is seasonally based, which means that the writer needs to submit material 6-12 months in advance of the publication for which it’s intended. Most people enjoy reading about countryside, regional or rural affairs, and whereas women are acknowledged to be the readers of the majority of mainstream life-style publications, country magazines can lay claim to having a large male readership. The first chapter gives a breakdown of what the editors of the different types of publication are looking for – from the ‘bred in the bone’ countryman, the farming community, coffee-table life-style and recipes, nostalgia, smallholding and ‘good life’ magazines, regional and county publications, field sports, rural community newspapers, wildlife and conservation publications and book publishers who accept full-length submissions on all aspects of country living. The Country Writer’s Craft explains how to understand the market we want to write for and how to gently ease ourselves into the seasonal current of submitting the right material to the right editor even if it’s only a Letter to the Editor to start with. An ideal book for the more experienced writer who wishes to branch out and explore a different market place, it contains examples of previously published material, together with writers’ exercises to help you build up an impressive portfolio, from Suzanne Ruthven, who has written on country topics for over 30 years. Highly recommended and entertaining. ~ Carys Llewellyn, Amazon and Goodreads

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