Compass Points - Passionate Plots

Compass Points - Passionate Plots

A Brief Guide to Writing Erotic Stories and Scenes

A lively and informative 'how to' on writing erotica by a published author.


New and emerging writers, existing writers looking to expand their skills and readers of erotic literature interested in writing their own stories will find this book a lively and informative 'how to' on writing erotica. Written by a published author, Passionate Plots focuses upon plot and crafting integral erotic scenes, with practical exercises for the reader.


Suzanne Ruthven : Author and editor of Writer’s Wheel magazine You’d be wrong to think that ‘Passionate Plots’ was another book on how to write on romantic themes – Kelly Lawrence reveals how to make your writing smoulder on the page. And we’re not talking just about writing erotic fiction because erotic scenes appear in other genres too - westerns, thriller, adventure etc. and ‘Passionate Plots’ could help give authors in those genres that extra bit of spice in their writing. I like Kelly's writing style and she has the right approach in keeping everything down to earth and writer-friendly with plenty of practical writing exercises. It's not easy to write 'sex scenes' and this title will help those writers who aren't very good at it! Recommended. ~ Suzanne Ruthven, Amazon and Goodreads

This book reads as easy as a good work of fiction does. The story is as gripping and as hot as any work of erotica should be while the characters - well they aren’t really characters of course since this isn’t a work of fiction - are fascinating. In fact it is because this book isn’t fiction that the story is so intriguing. While Kerry does resemble a lot of the newly submissive characters you find in novels, Alex is a bit more realistic than most Doms you find in erotic fiction. He’s no billionaire for starters and does make mistakes, can’t always keep his Dom persona up and is as vulnerable as Kerry when the relationship is under threat. And, more importantly, he’s not afraid to share those mistakes and doubts with Kerry. This book fascinated me as did Kerry. I loved everything she discovered about herself and how she continued to explore her boundaries even while questioning herself. I think this is a wonderful book for anyone who has been reading erotic novels and, like me, has found themselves wondering how realistic they actually are. This book does prove that the line between fact and fiction, like the one between pain and pleasure, is indeed a very fine one. ~ Helena Stone,

Kelly Lawrence’s Passionate Plots is a clear and concise teaching tool for anyone learning to write erotica or anyone just wanting to write a better sex scene. A must have for every writer’s reference shelf. ~ KD Grace, Bestselling author of 'The Initiation of Ms Holly'

A lively and engaging guide full of practical advice that will be highly useful for both new and established authors. ~ Scarlett Ryan, Erotica Author and resident Sex Columnist at Peaches Magazine

Fantastic. Kelly certainly knows her stuff. ~ Suzanne Portnoy, Bestselling author of 'The Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker' and publicist for Xcite Books

Kelly  Palmer
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