Compass Points - Horror Upon Horror

Compass Points - Horror Upon Horror

A Step by Step Guide to Writing a Horror Novel

Horror writer and former Gothic Society member, Suzanne Ruthven brings us a step-by-step guide to writing horror fiction.


The horror novel has often been looked upon as the poor relation in the literary world, and yet some of our greatest writers have published novels under its banner. Horror writer (Whittlewood and The Wild Horseman) and former Gothic Society member, Suzanne Ruthven brings us a step-by-step guide to writing horror fiction.


Carys Llewellyn : writer and book reviewer Horror Upon Horror: A Step By Step Guide to Writing a Horror Novel does exactly what it says on the cover. In six ‘sessions’ the author breaks down each important step in structuring the horror novel: theme, plot (and sub-plot), characterisation, pace, narrative style, bones and padding, together with multi-question exercises at the end of each chapter and references to follow up. As one reader observed: “It’s very interactive with plenty of exercises to help the reader turn the advice into practical experience and as always the style is very reader friendly, clear, well structured and very accessible. It gives a good overview of this huge potential market and breaks down the various sub-categories in a complex genre.” I’m a great fan of the author’s own horror novel, Whittlewood, which has been going strong for over 10 years and has developed a small cult-following. Horror a genre that Suzanne Ruthven is perfectly at home in and to quote another reader’s viewpoint: “The opening chapter is replete with quotations and analysis of the history of horror, which was fascinating and I hadn't expected that from a how-to book. This definitely adds another level of interest and authenticity to the work.” Amen. ~ Carys Llewellyn, Amazon and Goodreads

Suzanne Ruthven
Suzanne Ruthven Mélusine Draco’s highly individualistic teaching methods and writing draw on historical sources supported by academic texts and current a...

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