Compass Points: Building Your Story

Compass Points: Building Your Story

A guide to structure and plot

Struggling with structure? Grappling with your plot points? This brief but in-depth guide is a useful aid for both emerging and established writers.


A lively and comprehensive guide on the importance of structuring your plot with in-depth looks at different techniques and lots of practical advice, including at least one writing exercise in each chapter on topics such as building tension, staging drama, identifying and rectifying structural issues and internal and external plot journeys.
So if you're struggling with structure or grappling with your plot points, this up-to-date and informative book is a terrific aid for both emerging and established writers alike.

Kelly  Palmer
Kelly Palmer Kelly Palmer is a mother of three and is the bestselling author (writing as Michelle Kelly) of the number one crime novel 'When I Wasn't Wat...

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