Bringing the Soul Back Home

Bringing the Soul Back Home

Writing in the New Consciousness

Bringing the Soul back Home by Katya Williamson teaches how to write in the New Consciousness .


Bringing the Soul Back Home: Writing in the New Consciousness has evolved from the deep-seated need on a collective basis for women to find their writing voices, to empower themselves through this writing and speaking their truth, and addressing both personal and more universal global issues. Katya Williamson reveals and inspires the creative voice within. She first discovered she had the ability to help people easily access their creative potential through writing when she was a writer-in-residence at Yellowstone National Park. Then, for the next sixteen years to the present, she utilized this ability to help women find their special voices in the United States and the United Kingdom. The healing from this process has also been special. Will you be one of these women? Follow this simple and user-friendly spontaneous writing process and see. You are on your way to creative self-fulfillment!


This is a book of rich revelation and empowerment that I can't recommend more highly, a true gift for all readers. ~ Regina O'Melveny, Powell's Bookstore link to google

This is a book very much about writing for the joy of it and for spiritual growth. As such I think it has great merit. ...This is absolutely not a book that will teach you how to be a writer, and there is a difference between doing it for pleasure, and doing it for money.....How useful this book is depends largely on what you were looking for, and how far along the path you are. For the right person, it could be tremendously helpful. ~ Bryn Colvin, Druid Network

Katya Williamson will help you access your creative potential through writing in higher consciousness. ~ Tim Freke, Cygnus Review

"This is an exciting book for people who want to explore writing and through writing- explore themselves. The magic here is the magic of what has always been present: that river of creativity that runs through every human being, the glory that is the earth itself, and the glory of the human body, the power of now and the power of believing in yourself. On her part, Katya Willliamson believes passionately in a democracy of writing. We are all part of something larger even as we all have a unique voice - something to offer the world. Anyone interested in discovering that voice, in digging a little deeper, in being a little more honest and a little more brave, will enjoy both the encouragement and the exercises to be found in this inspiring and practical guide to "writing in the new consciousness". ~ Sharman Apt Russell, author, author, \"Standing in the Light: My Life As a Pantheist\"

The following luminary visionaries in the United States, who I worked with on another book project entitled "The Empowered Woman: Interviews with Mythmakers for the New Milennium" are being contacted for endorsements for this book. They include the author/actress, human potential consultant Jean Houston (who had a close connection to anthropologist Margaret Mead); Joan Halifax, founder, Ojai Foundation and Buddhist center in Santa Fe; she is close to Thich Nhat Hanh; Frances Moore Lappe, who first came to national attention through her "Diet for a Small Planet". In addition, I approached Gloria Steinem and Hilary Clinton who will be approached again. Hilary Clinton's lawyer responded at that time, (Bill Clinton was just coming to the White House) with an acknowledgement for the work as one pushing female empowerment into the foreground (which "Bringing the Soul Back Home" also does) so I will go back to her as well. Since 24 other women are involved with making this book a success (their work published as examples of the exercises), they are currently eliciting support and endorsements at this time also. ~

"Thinking about a special place to write, I realize that anywhere I am that the call to write, as Katya has so cleverly shown me how to do, will be special. It is the essence within me that is special, it is me that has the talent and the gift within, and so to Katya, I say, "thank you for showing me the way. A way I had not imagined or ever thought of, a way to discover that which is within me, to tap into the outpourings that are just waiting to happen. Thank you, Katya!" ~ Daphne Garland, Cheddar, UK (in the Glastonbury groups)

"Working with Katya has been amazing. She was just the catalyst I needed as a beginner to launch me on my writing career. How she did this was brilliant. She tricked my critical mind! The technique "writing faster than you can think" completely freed up any stops, fears or writer's block and opened up a channel of free-flowing creativity. Thank you, Katya. Now writing is an exciting adventure. I can't wait to see what I write next." ~ Kim Clark, Glendale, California

"When I got to the 'Bringing the Soul Back Home: Writing in the New Consciousness' workshop this past weekend, I felt a closeness tight in my throat. I thought, I will just go through this little workshop, say hello, write a few lines and leave. Wow! Little did I know Katya's ways. It all started with that poem, you know. Well, not just a poem, but Rumi's poem. The one about the bath, and the salamander and Abraham. And then there were Katya's Hawaiian bath salts and the shells we were to put under our pillows to write from, and soon enough I was DREAMING and swimming desperately back to myself. Katya, with her amazing craft and compassion. When I returned home, I came to the realization that all of you girlfriends helped me to heal from a terrible loss. I was in LOVE. Pure and unadulterated love. I LOVE all these women in spite of myself, I realized. REVELATION! I would catch myself SMILING despite my determination of enduring closed doors and windows during the workshop. NO WAY. There was no way to keep my artificial closure. What was I thinking? The spell was broken and I didn't even know it until I came home and there has not been one day, NOT ONE DAY during this past week that I didn't carry you all with me to all of my affairs. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for having rstored me to the sanity of my own self." ~ Matilde Konigsberg, Del Mar, California

"Katya is an excellent motivator and listener." ~ Nancy Johnson, Long Beach, California

"Dear Katya, So lovely to work with you, and I look forward to many more opportunities. Thank you so much for your beauty and strength and encouragement." ~ Lorye Keats Hopper, Gastonbury, UK

The "Bringing the Soul Back Home: Writing in the New Consciousness" weekend not only opened my Creative Self; it cracked open the wall between me and my Higher Self." ~ Joy Janes, Long Beach, California

"I ended up at a creative writing workshop this weekend: 'Writing for the Higher Self.' Some gems emerged, but the material didn't feel as if it wanted to remain with the individual who had written it or even stay in the province of a select few. It was as if the words were clamouring to reach the 'whole world mind'. One woman spoke at the beginning of the day of feeling desolate at the world situation. Yet after writing one piece, something within her had softened, opened up, and taken a risk. It felt as if that had influenced the whole that changed in a subtle but radical way. On one level it made no rational sense and yet the change was inexplicably tangible and all we had been doing was writing from the heart. It felt very alchemical and yet so simple and ordinary too..." ~ Jackie Crovetto, Glastonbury, UK

"Being in the Bringing Your Soul Back Home: Writing in the New Consciousness" groups in Glastonbury has opened a window in my creative process, helping to link my inner and outer landscapes. The work I have done with Katya is like a soul healing through my writing. I would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to gain a new focus in their writing and and to re-vitalize their lives." ~ Pauline Royce, Glastonbury, UK

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