A writer’s guide to creating compelling fictional characters with the signs of zodiac

Offering a unique – and very easy – method of creating effective, intriguing, and authentic multi-layered personalities that leap off the page.


Many new – and even experienced – fiction writers find characterisation difficult. Astrology offers a unique – and very easy – method of creating effective, intriguing, and authentic multi-layered personalities that leap off the page. Astro-characters starts with a guide to creating vibrant, believable characters. The twelve zodiac archetypes then share their intimate secrets, letting the reader into the quirks, flaws and foibles that are so fascinating to readers and essential for a writer. Simply decide whereabouts in the year a character was born, throw in a couple of curved balls, the moon and the rising sign – mix them around a little and there you have it. A multi-layered, tailor-made protagonist to fit any plot with no astrological knowledge required. The book tells you everything you need to know.


If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on creating characters why not give this book a try. Discovering your characters cardinal qualities and fatal flaws as a way to generate conflict is made much simpler using the information in Astro-characters. Written by a professional astrologer, Judy Hall has simplified the process of adding depth and complexity by delving into the shadow side of the sun signs, highlighting what makes them good friends - or bad enemies. There’s even a section on sex styles- great for romance writers. There is an in depth character questionnaire included that really helps to define character in fine detail, asking you to think about what really makes them tick. I found that this, along with the crib sheets , generated an entire raft of ideas for what my characters could get up to. Funnily enough reading about suitable professions for each sign made me come up with a couple of short story ideas that were a totally unexpected bonus. ~ Tracy Baines,

Judy Hall’s ASTRO-CHARACTERS fills a crucial niche in an otherwise stacked-to-the-gills library of writers’ guides. She writes in an approachable, no-nonsense style which both echoes and enriches her subject matter. Any would-be writer starting work on a new book would be well advised to consult ASTRO-CHARACTERS and follow its sage advice. I’ve been constructing astro-charts for my main characters for years now, and find it an immensely useful tool for keeping tabs on elusive protagonists. I particularly liked the author’s Crib Sheets section – her Leo notes are very close to the bone indeed! A thoroughly well-written and well-researched book by an experienced author which should grace any aspiring writer’s bookshelf. ~ Mario Reading, author, The Anti-Christ Trilogy, email

A fascinating read and wonderful aid for every kind of writer. In a world where so many fictionalised characters have "bolt-on eccentricities" that rarely ring true, Judy's book gives you all the tools you need to give characters layers that are not only interesting but also entirely credible. ~ Tim John - screenwriter and author

I absolutely loved the book, found it fascinating from the very beginning. I thought the concept was original and brilliant. I could almost see the characters appearing as you described the traits. Loved the questionnaire character builder and the inclusion of the sex styles - really helpful for romance writers I would think as well as writers in general. I just thought the whole thing was so different. Can't wait to see it in print. I think it would be considered a desk top essential as you write. ~ Tracy Baines, Author and creative writing tutor

Judy Hall
Judy Hall An internationally known author, astrologer, psychic, healer and workshop leader, Judy has been a karmic counsellor for over forty five year...
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