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Nov 5th, 2015 | By | Category: Book News

How To Write and SellThe majority of beginner writers have their sights set on writing fiction – usually short stories, with the more ambitious ambition of producing a saleable novel. Unfortunately this is one of the hardest markets to break into because in the past twenty years with the passing of so many  ‘small press’ publications that catered for the short story writer, the market has shrunk dramatically.  As far as the novel is concerned the position is marginally better with the advent of Kindle but with mainstream publishing the competition remains as fierce as it ever was.  For the fiction writer, short stories help them to serve their apprenticeship – often via the opportunities offered by short story competitions and speciality magazines – and there is still plenty of opportunity offered by writing-related sites on the internet.

Fiction: The Art and Craft by Colin Bulman is a much more ambitious approach to fiction writing (currently in production) and offers a very practical exposition of all the major elements of story – such as plot, conflict, suspense, the hook, inference, character, dialogue, etc. How these elements are combined to make a story is discussed, together with examples from literature to illustrate the principles are provided from very well-known works so that readers can see how they elements of fiction are found in all examples of story. There are exercises, research suggestions, and activities. The book is very informative, interesting, written in an accessible style and, above all, practical.

How To Write & Sell Great Short Stories by Linda M James offers a guide to perfecting fascinating story-telling techniques, it also shows how to market your polished short stories once they are written.

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