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Dec 9th, 2015 | By | Category: Book News

There’s a lot of DIY motivation going on in a successful writer’s career and unfortunately we often don’t learn about these things until much further down the line.  Writing is all about promoting ourselves and ‘getting the name out there’ in order to sell more books, articles or short stories – and there are all sorts of little tricks of the trade that can help improve our chances of selling our material.

One of the drawbacks of a writing career is that it can be an extremely lonely occupation and we might not always realise that we’re doing something wrong, or could possibly benefit from someone else’s input and to bounce ideas off.  Sarah-Beth Watkins’ new book Life Coaching for Writers is a self-help and personal development guide to help writers unleash their creative potential.  It is aimed at writers who know that they want to write but are struggling to realise their full potential; and more specifically at more experienced writers who have had some successes and want to more from being an amateur scribbler to a professional writer.  The Writer’s Internet by the same author is aimed at those who want to get the best out of the internet but don’t know how.  Written in an easy-to-read and friendly style, the book demystifies the internet and makes it more accessible for writers.

For those writers who enjoy face to face stimulation and group participation, Julie Phillips’ The Writers’ Group Handbook advises how to get the best from a writing group; and if there isn’t one in your area, how to go about setting one up and attracting fellow scribblers, together with insider information about how not to fall into the traps loitering within unsuspecting writing groups.

GROUPLIFECOACHA picture is supposed to paint a thousand words and can often be the clincher in selling articles as Simon Whaley explains in Photography For Writers: Using photos to sell more of your words.  The book reveals that digital photography has made photography accessible to all and, even if you only have a mobile phone camera, it is possible to take publishable pictures.  It explains the basics of digital photography, the different markets available to writers with a camera, how to submit their images – and even how to get photos to illustrate your articles if you don’t have a camera.

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