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We all have a speciality subject we can write about but we have to know how to approach them at the different levels of expertise of the reader – and experienced writers in the genre show us how to do it, complete with practical exercises that can be turned into saleable articles and submissions.

For example, Sarah-Beth Watkins’s The Lifestyle Writer is aimed at those with an interest in writing for the massive home and family market and with over 20 years experience of writing for magazines and websites on a variety of topics including parenting, crafts and women’s development, she’s the right person to help us break into this challenging genre.  In Telling Life’s Tales she shows how to use biographical material in a saleable way that editors particularly like, i.e the interview.

The Country Writer’s Craft: Writing for Country, Regional & Rural Publications by Suzanne Ruthven covers one of the widest marketplaces for writers in the English-speaking world and offers an in-depth look at the different levels of country writing; while The Pagan Writers’ Guide: Writing for the Pagan and MB&S Markets by Melusine Draco covers the ever-expanding ‘mind, body and spirit’ genre that offers something for everyone.

Experienced travel writer Solange Hando, gives us Be A Travel Writer, Live Your Dreams, Sell Your Features, an upbeat, practical, no-nonsense guide to the competitive world of travel writing.  In a compact succinct format it covers every aspect of feature writing, from finding the right angle to selling your work.  While Susie Kearley’s  Freelance Writing On Health, Food And Gardens opens up a whole new marketplace for selling non-fiction in this marketplace.

Speciality how-to books are aimed at more experienced writers who want to understand the nuts and bolts of a particular genre before deciding to branch out into another genre and how to give their writing editor appeal in this new field. We’ve also got how to write factual books in the historical and crime genres in the pipeline.  All these titles contain writing exercises for you to complete in exactly the same way as a monthly writing course would have on offer and if you’re interested in this kind of writing, it might also be a good idea to keep an eye open for any workshops that cater your speciality field – especially those included in writers’ holiday packages.

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