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PRESS RELEASE: 21st December 2013

The Compass Books On-line Writers’ Magazine


It’s all Maria Moloney’s fault.  “Right!” she said, “I think that Compass Books should have it’s own writers’ magazine online with lots of practical and informative stuff in it that writers will want to read.”  I thought I’d retired from magazine editing but obviously she had other ideas … I mean to say, nine years as contributing editor for The New Writer I’d have said I’d run out of ideas and new things to say … but it wasn’t that easy to get off the hook.

There are quite a few Compass Books authors who were regular contributors to TNW and they were the first to be rounded up and press-ganged into supplying an article for the first issue (due in the Spring 2014); not forgetting that most of them are experienced writing tutors; and then there are the other publishers in the JHP stable.   With so much talent under one roof we could produce a brilliant magazine … couldn’t we?

Well okay Maria … and that’s what we’re working on at the moment, pulling in extracts from already published books and introducing readers to the newer titles.  There’s even the publishing opportunity for poetry and flash fiction from anywhere on the planet.  As fans of the CB Facebook and Blog you get prior warning of what’s about to happen to form an even closer bond with our readers and writers and to keep you up to date of what’s being published in the latest fact and fiction.

Of course, WRITERS’ WHEEL will be publicising our own author’s books but also lots of information from other publishers about what’s on offer and what they’re looking for in new writers.   And yes, the articles and features will often be related to JHP imprints, but who’s in the best position to tell you how to get your children’s book published than a children’s book publisher or one of her authors?  And since the MB&S market is expanding all the time, it’s obvious that we will promote The Pagan Writers’ Guide, even though one reviewer thought it was blatant advertising for 6th Books, Moon Books, Axis Mundi and Dodona Books!

So, here we are again: commissioning editor for Writers’ Wheel.  And Maria Moloney is co-editor, so that will teach her to have fewer, brilliant ideas in the future!  If you happen think this is a good idea, please put finger to keyboard and let’s be hearing from you …

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