Reflections on the Process of Writing by Ann Merivale

Some people are ‘born writers’. No doubt you all know, or have heard of, people who have written for pleasure all their lives and maybe scarcely remember a time when they didn’t hope to make it their career. Others come into it later, sometimes pushed, or even forced, into writing through, say, their work, or

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An Excerpt from Life Writes – Suzanne Ruthven

  What the How-To Books Don’t Tell You Since creative writing became one of the largest growth industries in the hobbies market, there have been countless how-to books written advising new writers on the best way to get their work into print. So here’s a simple A-Z checklist of some of the do’s and don’ts

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Surfing the Rainbow – Visualization and Chakra Balancing for Writers by Sue Johnson.

‘Surfing the Rainbow’ combines my passion for writing and yoga. The breathing and visualization exercises will help writers in other aspects of their life – for instance when facing an appointment at the dentist or a job interview. It also helps with bringing creative ideas into focus and shows pathways towards achieving your creative ambitions.

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Writing Young Adult Fiction, Going against fuddy-duddy opinions by Maria Moloney

In the past year or so, articles have been written and comments made that criticise adult readers and writers of young adult fiction in a way that makes both seem shameful or embarrassing to do. It seems, looking at Nick Hornby’s quote from his column in Believer magazine, things haven’t much changed from previous years:

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Writing Groups – Stronger Together by William Mitchell

 My career as a writer actually began thanks to a writing group. In 2004, the company I worked for added a set of general interest newsgroups to its intranet, a bit like internet forums for discussing hobbies and random chat over lunchtimes and coffee breaks. How they stayed running given the amount of time some

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Finding new markets

Sarah-Beth Watkins is an experienced freelance writer who has written for various publications over the past 20 years, she began her career writing for parenting magazines and has since gone on to write on many different subjects. Her experience ranges from feature articles, human interest and historical articles as well as short stories and book

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Handy Hints for Writers

The Compass Books Blog is always interested in receiving 500-word max handy hints, tips and nuggets that will be of interest to other writers such as time-saving tips, favourite reference books, displacement activities, reviews of Compass Books, useful blogs, etc.  Email me at [email protected]

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Grammar Tips

Copyeditors often come across commonly confused words. These can be because the author is genuinely confused or sometimes because of typing errors and they have been missed in the final edit. So be aware of the following: Advice/advise Advice (noun). She needs advice about her financial position. Advise (verb) is to offer a suggestion. I’d

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Brain Workout – The Fifteen Minute Game

Sit in a café or shopping centre and focus on a pair of shoes. They may be in a shop window or on somebody’s feet. For five minutes write about those shoes. Don’t censor what you write or cross anything out. If they are in a shop window, think of the sort of person who

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